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Key Industries of
Wayne ARC

150 VanBuren Street
Newark, NY 14513
Phone: 315-331-7741
Fax: 315-331-0911
Email: info@waynearc.org

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Wayne ARC is a chapter of NYSARC, Inc.

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Wayne ARC Newark New York

Key Industries

... the solution to your labor needs

Key Industries Individual Placement Services (Job Development)

Individual Employment Service

Key Industries Employment Service is a team approach to assisting people with disabilities to be gainfully employed in community jobs, as well as assisting the employers with their staffing needs with qualified, long-term employees. We have people trained with various skills to meet your business needs. Individuals are pre-screened for the task at hand.

Consider hiring direct. We provide follow-along services and additional job coaching may also be provided.

Employer tax credit opportunities are available:

  • Federal Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) - Some of our individuals may qualify for a tax credit up to $2400 of the first $6,000 in wages paid to certified workers.

  • Worker with Disabilities Employment Tax Credit (WETC) - Employers can claim a state tax credit of up to $2,100 of the first $6,000 per eligible individual during the second year of employment.

  • Employment Training Program (Internship): New York State OPWDD pays interns' initial training wages and provides job coach support. Businesses that hire their intern may be eligible for tax credits. (Download ETP Information Sheet)


Job Development

This includes assistance with:

  • Prescreening

  • Resume Preparations

  • Interviewing

  • Job Matching

Placement Services

The perfect match has been found!

We provide:

  • Ongoing Supports, Minimal 90 Days

  • Positive Long-term Employment

  • Professionalism

Individual Placement - Direct Hire or Contract

Job coaching services to assist with:

  • Learning Work Duties and Job Tasks

  • Addressing Work Related Behaviors

  • Building Supports

  • Advocacy

  • Travel Training

  • On-going Supports to Both Worker and Employer

  • Additional Services Needed to Maintain the Employment


Learn How People with Disabilities Can Meet Employer Needs: Dispelling the Myths

Download the Individual Employment Rack Card

Download the Key Industries Employment Brochure

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Tina R.

"I was happy to be promoted from a janitorial position to the Market Café, Food Service Department."
Tina Robenolt